Top Things To Do in Toronto

Toronto, or The Six as Drake would say, felt a bit like a mini New York, only friendlier! My favourite thing about Canada in general is how nice the people are and Toronto doesn’t fall short. This city is full of amazing restaurants, alot of greenery, and of course, is the gateway to visit theContinue reading “Top Things To Do in Toronto”

Top Things To Do Around the Canadian Rockies (Banff & Jasper)

The national parks of Banff and Jasper are all about lakes, mountains, waterfalls and wildlife. The Rocky Mountains had been on my bucket list for a while and they did not disappoint as Banff and Jasper quickly became one of my top 3 destinations I’ve ever been. We road-tripped around the national parks, driving alongContinue reading “Top Things To Do Around the Canadian Rockies (Banff & Jasper)”

Top Things To Do in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city of diversity; there are beautiful parks, fab restaurants, some nice day trips out and fun hikes all whilst being surrounded by valleys and mountains. The city itself has a really nice, clean and safe feel to it and it definitely has the feel of being somewhere that you could even moveContinue reading “Top Things To Do in Vancouver”

Top Things To Do in Mexico City

Mexico City is certainly a place that is rich in history and there is always something to do whilst you’re there. I completely underestimated the size of the city and was blown away by how big it is and how modern – whilst walking around certain areas, I was often reminded of European cities likeContinue reading “Top Things To Do in Mexico City”

Top Things To Do in Oaxaca

My time in Oaxaca was the first time I had ever travelled alone but I was desperate to go and check out this colourful town, especially around the time of Day of the Dead. Despite many people making me feel nervous to go to Mexico alone, I had a great time in Oaxaca without anyContinue reading “Top Things To Do in Oaxaca”